Clubhouse games restart on 3 January 2022 - COVID restrictions apply

Happy New Year to all our members and visitors!

Our first game of 2022 is a President's Trophy match on Monday 3 January, starting at 1pm. See the Entry tab above to register for this and any other games you wish to play.

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face game playing conditions will continue as below:

Spread the word - free bridge lessons again in 2022

Great Lakes Bridge Club (GLBC) will again be offering free bridge lessons next year for newcomers to the game. Commencing on Tuesday 1 February 2022 at 1pm and running for approximately 2 hours, the lessons will continue at this time each week for 7 weeks.

We've had great success in introducing people to the wonderful game of bridge in the past. Not only do we play and mingle with new and interesting people, our club benefits greatly from the new members these lessons generate. 

Wrapping up 2021 - Trophy Winners and party time!

2021 was another on-again-off-again year due to COVID-19. Where some of our annual awards are concerned, we weren't able to play all the games usually required. Consequently, we adjusted the number of games to be played.

Master Pairs 2021 winners

After 7 matches, two pairs scored equal points so this year the trophy will be shared.

Congratulations Jill & Karl Buchmann and Teresa & Tom Siminski 

Happy 97th birthday Jacquie!

Jacquie bday

We helped Jacquie Jennings celebrate her 97th birthday today, although her real birthday is Thursday 9 December 2021. A GLBC member since 1983 and probably our most consistent attendee (with only COVID interrupting her bridge in these 28 years), Jacqui has also mentored many fellow members.

Our first Online Congress

Great Lakes BC Online Swiss Pairs Congress was held on Sunday 28 November 2021.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to host a face-to-face Congress since the beginning of the COVID pandemic -- the last was held on 8/9 February 2020.

The Online Congress was played on the Stepbridge platform and very strong support was provided by them in the lead-up and on the day...thank you very much to their team. The day consisted of 6 rounds of 9 boards each - the approximately 55 mins per round was ample for the play.

Swiss Pairs Results - under 17/11 in the Results Section

***   I Found the Results  ***  they are listed under 17/11 Swiss Pairs R4, R5, R6


I can't upload the Results to the Swiss Pairs today but am happy to tell you the first 5 places here:

1. Grant.                 93.73.          5 0 1

2. Buchmann.         85.38           5 0 1

3. Rogoyska.          68.85           3 0 3

4. Savory.               68.26.          4 0 2

5. Goodwin.            67.68           4 0 2

Thanks for sharing a Fun two day event.  


Swiss Teams Championship 2021

Congratulations to Team Boniface (Margaret Boniface, Judy Scott, Barbara Williams, Pauline Erby and Megan Grant) for winning the Swiss Teams Championships in October this year.

Covid has depleted the number of teams taking part, total being 10, but this does not detract from the excellent performance in winning the 2 day event.

2nd place went to Team Siminska (Tom, Teresa, Eta and Ken Bridges) and 3rd was Team Barton (Bev, Fred, Nigel H and Jeanette).